The Giver Socratic Seminar Questions


The Giver

Socratic Seminar Questions

Chapter 9:

Which of Jonas’s eight rules seems the strangest to you, and why?

Chapter 10:

What are three things you would get rid of, if you tried to create Sameness. Explain why.

Chapter 12:

The fact that Fiona is so capable of working in the House of the Old without reservation or shyness says what about teens in the Utopia? Be specific with your explanations!

Chapter 13:

Page 98: Do you agree with the statement that it isn’t safe to let people make their own decisions?

When is it good to let people make decisions? When is it bad?

What does the community give up in order to be painless? Do you think it a worthy sacrifice?

Chapter 19:

Was Rosemary brave or cowardly when she injected herself for Release? Explain.

Chapter 20:

Rudeness reflects upon the adults’ parenting. Do you think this is the same in our society? Explain.

Chapter 21:

On pg. 154 Jonas’s dad says “We obviously had to make the decision. Even

I voted for Gabriel’s release when we had the meeting this afternoon.” The rest of the conversation justified Gabe’s imminent release. What does this suggest/explain/better illuminate about the community?

Chapter 22:

What do you think happened at the novel’s conclusion, that was “perhaps … only an echo?” Use textual support to strengthen your responses – this support can be from any portion of the novel!

Newberry Award Acceptance Speech:

Read Lowry’s speech when she accepted her prominent award: Giver pages 170-181. What connections can you make between Lowry’s own life and her novel? Be specific!