The Giver Chapter 17-19 Discussion Questions 1. What was the

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The Giver Chapter 17-19 Discussion Questions
1. What was the story of Rosemary?
2. What happened to the memories transferred to Rosemary? How were the training rules changed as a result?
3. What does it mean in Chapter 18 when the Giver says, “Memories are forever” (180)?
4. Why was it important for Jonas to watch the release in Chapter 19?
5. In Chapters 18 and 19, Jonas and The Giver have different views on Rosemary’s release. What does each believe
and how does each support the claim?
6. How does Lois Lowry describe Jonas’ feeling at the end of Chapter 19? How did you feel reading this chapter?
7. Verify the meaning of the word release based on Chapter 19. Using the graphic organizer or notes kept
throughout the unit, review why the meaning of the word changes over the course of the text. Consider the
context of the scene and Jonas’ point of view at the time. How do both affect your understanding of the current
situation in the text?
8. When Jonas gains new knowledge about the meaning of release, a theme is revealed. Explain the theme that
emerges and proved at least three reasons and pieces of relevant evidence that support that theme.