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Job Description
Position :
Responsible to :
General Objectives :
To plan, organize, manage and monitor the needs of the
College’s International Students so that they are well cared
for. Ensure that the College complies with relevant codes and
standards, and that all pertinent financial aspects are dealt
with effectively and efficiently.
To oversee the work of the International Department Manager
and the International Student Academic Manager
Organisation Chart:
Director of International Students
Department Manager
Authorities : General Expenditure
Commit routine expenditure within approved budgetary
Key Tasks
1. Code of Practice
Ensure the College has an up to date Code of
Expected Outcomes
Co-ordinate the College’s
International Marketing Strategy
Develop a network of preferred agents
Develop a 3 year International Student marketing
strategy in conjunction with the Principal
International Student
Academic Manager
Conduct Marketing for International Students
The Code of Practice is up to date and meets the
standards set by the Ministry of Education
Relevant parties in the school are aware (through PD) of
the Code of Practice and adhere to its provisions.
Carry out an annual review to ensure we are compliant
with the Code of Practice.
Keep up to date with immigration and industry
Pro-actively recruit and liaise with identified agents to
promote our International programmes.
Maintain a current database of all agents and
communicate with them regularly. Manage Agents
according to the code of practice..
Develop and implement an agreed marketing strategy.
Oversee the development of marketing material on the
College’s website, intranet & in printed form ensuring that
all materials are up to date, relevant and pertinent to
marketing aims.
Develop an International Student Prospectus with
appropriate insert material
Develop and maintain an International Student roll of up to
30 equivalent full time students with a global distribution of
student origins.
Management of International
MOU’s & Agent Relationships
Co-ordinate all College International MOU’s in
conjunction with the Principal
Enrolment and Orientation
Oversee the enrolment and orientation of
International Students. Ensure there is a clear
process for enrolment and orientation.
Oversee the management and arrangement of
the homestay process carried out by the
International Department Manager
Be responsible for the Pastoral and Academic
Care of International Students
Co-ordinate activities for International Students
Prepare & Manage an annual budget in
conjunction with Executive Officer & Principal
Communicate effectively with all stake holders including
the Principal, Department Staff, Agents, Schools and
Hold regular meetings with Department Staff, ESOL Staff
and others as appropriate.
Create and maintain effective, positive relationships with
overseas and domestic Agents.
Ensure Agent promotions support our International
Student programme actively and faithfully.
Ensure Agent Correspondence is efficiently managed,
supported and attended to in a culturally appropriate
Liaise with families and ensure that they are aware of our
expectations and follow the school’s enrolment process
Ensure that all enrolment enquiries are followed up,
recorded and processed swiftly/appropriately. Regularly
liaise with the Heads of School to ensure they are aware of
potential enrolments.
Prepare a written report each month to the BOT with the
numbers of International students currently in the College
and any future trends.
Plan and oversee the orientation of International Students
into the College including meeting twice yearly with all host
families, planning and arranging orientation nights etc.
Ensure the student handbook is up to date and effective.
Ensure the Department handbook is up to date and
Oversee the placement of students into different areas of
the College taking into account student pastoral and
academic needs.
Provide the International Department Manager with
appropriate advice and guidance so that the needs of
students are met and that the requirements of the school
and code of practice are adhered to.
Oversee the payment of homestay fees to ensure
accuracy and timeliness.
Oversee the welfare of students on a day to day basis by
maintaining regular communication with the Academic
Manager, Deans and Head of Pastoral Care.
Ensure that the students are safe and their needs are
being met.
Ensure two field trips are in place per year.
Organise an International Student week on an annual
Prepare and oversee an end of year activity programme
for seniors who are not committed to NCEA assessments.
Ensure students are involved in extracurricular activities as
Liaise with Executive Officer over financial matters
including fee structure, invoicing & receipting
Expenditure is to be managed within budget requirements
Financial information is communicated to parents and
Agents in a timely, accurate & efficient manner.
Income budgets to be met or exceeded, and reports
provided to and discussed with the Principal outlining
variances to budget.
These and any other tasks as deemed appropriate by the Principal form this job description which is the basis for an
appraisal carried out each year with a senior staff member.
Director of International Students