Job Description for Director of Public Health


Director of Public Health NICHS


Job Title:

Reporting To: Responsible For: Director of Public Health Chief Executive Officer Communications Coordinator, Health Promotion Staff, Research & Policy Coordinator Salary: Holidays: Purpose: Circa £42k and contributory pension scheme 39 days per year including statutory and other fixed days to lead the research and the health promotion and prevention work of NI Chest Heart & Stroke (NICHS), including campaigns, lobbying, health assessments, literature and other media; to address the population of Northern Ireland in order to reduce the heavy burden of both morbidity and mortality resulting from chest, heart and stroke illnesses

Key Functions (1-5)


Research a.





oversee the design and delivery of NICHS strategy in the areas of research (internal and external); ensure that there is effective follow-up of research projects with a view to identifying and making public those outcomes where research has been translated into services; ensure there is effective communication to the public of NICHS funded research and outcomes from that research; keep abreast of relevant research literature regarding NICHS programmes and areas of interest; develop and maintain effective links and relationships with public health colleagues in the statutory sector and academics in universities and in other voluntary organisations. 2.

Health Promotion a.

ensure that NICHS has a comprehensive and updated range of literature, both hard copy and on the website and other digital media for use by members of the public, clients and carers as well as health professionals;




PAGE 2 ensure that the health promotion objectives are implemented in a timely manner within the Strategic Plan; develop processes for measuring the impact and effectiveness of NICHS health promotion activity; d.


manage, re-design and update the services offered through health assessments; oversee the introduction of spirometry in the assessments; Communications 4. a.



ensure that NICHS has in place and continually updates effective media strategy and programmes to enable people to reduce the risk of chest, heart and stroke illnesses; oversee an effective website, communicating to the public and to health professionals; develop and nurture positive relationships with journalists and others in the media in Northern Ireland and when necessary, further afield; oversee all NICHS publications, including hard copy, digital; d.



oversee the health promotion, research and policy content of NICHS website; ensure that there is an effective communication strategy (both external and internal), as well as an operational plan for communications through all media. Campaigns & Lobbying



design and carry on campaigns on various issues such as tobacco control, nutrition, physical activity, hypertension; lobby MLAs and where appropriate MPs to ensure that effective prevention measures are made available to the public as well as to ensure that improved procedures and measures are made available on a timely basis to the people of Northern Ireland.

5. Public Policy a.



ensure that NICHS carries out effective evaluation of public policy and that NICHS influences public policy, particularly in the prevention and treatment of chest, heart and stroke illnesses; ensure that NICHS responds to public consultations on pertinent issues for NICHS; develop excellent links and working relationships with those formulating health policies.

PAGE 3 f.


market the NICHS health promotion activities; design and implement evaluation systems to measure the impact of NICHS health assessments; h.

to identify funding so that NICHS is able to offer health assessments in deprived areas of Northern Ireland. Support Functions (6-8) 6.

People Management a.

ensure that staff in communications, research & policy, lobbying and health promotion are managed most effectively in order to meet the objectives of the NICHS Operational Plan; b. ensure that staff are supported, appraised and given opportunities for learning and development; c. work as an effective member of the Senior Management Team. 7.


Managing Finance a.

contribute to the setting of organisational budgets; b.

make financial decisions within agreed budgets and delegated financial authority; c. ensure the Public Health Department adheres to agreed financial procedures esp. in relation to protection from theft and fraud. Health & Safety a.

ensure the Public Health Department complies with all aspects of organisational policy and procedures in relation to health & safety. 9.

Other a. carry out such other duties as required as are consistent with the mission of the organisation and overall purpose of the job.