Tamarack Waldorf School - Madison Waldorf School


Madison Waldorf School Position Description: Administrator

Full Time Equivalency: 1.0 FTE   ☐ Hourly  Salaried Reports to: Board of Trustees General Statement of Duties: Leads the school in a positive, collaborative manner consistent with the principles of Waldorf education and servant leadership; oversees the long-term, strategic work of the school; uses the budget as a tool to achieve school goals; executes development and marketing initiatives aligned with the strategic plan; oversees all administrative functions of the school including business, personnel, enrollment and facilities management; facilitates communication between the board, faculty, staff, parents, and wider community Distinguishing Features of the Position: This position is a key leadership position. Hired by, and reporting to the Board of Trustees, the Administrator implements the day-to-day operation of the school from the perspective of the long-term strategic development of the school. This position leads the execution of the school’s mission and strategic plan revising/updating that work annually. The Administrator asks strategic questions, understands and uses the budget as a tool to achieve school goals, and leads the school forward on development initiatives aligned with the strategic plan. These initiatives secure external funding from individual donors, corporations and foundations. This position manages the Administrative staff from this perspective and ensures the smooth execution of policies and procedures working with the Faculty, Leadership and Parent Circles from this perspective. MWS committee requirements: The Administrator is the leader of the Administrative Team which meets weekly. S/he works closely with the President of the Board of Trustees to provide Trustees with materials and information that enable appropriate oversight of the school and is a voting member of the Board. S/he is a member of the Board’s Finance Committee and Strategic Planning Workgroup, is Chair of the Administration’s Tuition Assistance Committee and sits on Leadership Circle. S/he is considered a member of the Faculty, attending weekly faculty meetings and participating on Faculty Committees.

Duties may include but are not limited to:


Facilitate communication between individuals and groups among the board, faculty, staff, parents, and wider community  Participate with and support the faculty in self-governance and their administrative needs.  Respond to the most difficult complaints and requests for information.  Serve as the focal point for parents about any non-pedagogical issues relating to the school. 1

    Participate in conversations with parents and faculty regarding academic, behavioral, communication, financial and retention challenges.   Represent the school in community and professional meetings as required. Relay information regarding issues and legislation back to the school bodies.  Oversee all school communications including newsletter publications, correspondence and materials related to business functions of the school.     Ensure the timely and accurate maintenance of the all-school calendar and that all branches of the school adhere to the process of building that calendar Maintain a constant eye on the yearly rhythm of the school year, anticipating activities such as festivals, events, graduations, etc. to ensure optimal administrative support and execution.  3. Manage the Administrative staff and coordinate the work of the Administrative branch  Provide counsel and leadership to all areas of the school. Meets regularly with Board, Leadership Circle and committees that interact with administrative staff to receive input on staff work and the administrative function in general and make recommendations for implementing the sound advice of these bodies. Meet weekly with Administrative staff and work collaboratively toward establishing goals for the staff throughout the school year, monitor said goals and report on those goals to Board and Leadership Circle.  Conduct exit interviews with departing families and work with Outreach and Development Coordinator to ensure continuing communication with departing families. Delegate duties to appropriate staff consistent, as much as possible, with the job descriptions for such staff.  Initiate and follow-through with annual reviews of all administrative staff. Support staff in their professional development. Design and implement effective office procedures and organization. Interpret, analyze, explain and implement safety, health and other policies, procedures and programs.   Oversee building lease as well as safety and maintenance. Ensure school security and safety protocols are up to date and in place. Provide necessary training.    Oversee facilities use by outside groups. Administer annual audit and all insurance plans. Oversee enrollment and preparation of tuition contracts. 4. Oversee the long-term, strategic work of the school  Work with the Board, administrative sphere and pedagogic leadership to facilitate and oversee annual strategic planning.  Lead annual workplanning among faculty and staff to ensure strategic goals are actively pursued. 2

3     Lead annual budget planning cycle and work with Finance Committee to develop 5-year budget as tool for attaining school goals. Identify and pursue opportunities for financial support from foundations, individuals and businesses based on these plans. Ensure systems are in place to collect and share data relevant to long-term planning. Build collaborations with partners that can help MWS achieve its larger goals.