JOB DESCRIPTION – Bookkeeper/Accountant

JOB DESCRIPTION – Business Manager
FLSA Status-Exempt
To provide direction and management of the practice in accordance with Federal and State laws;
optimize efficient and economical use of resources, strive to achieve financial success and goals
of the practice and promote staff satisfaction.
The Business Manger is directly responsible and reports to the Principals for the
planning; direction, coordination and control of the operation and duties of the overall
practice except those directly involving medical judgment. Primary duties include
supervision, staffing, and instruction of the support staff, managing the non-medical
aspects of the practice. These include personnel utilization, salary and fringe benefit
programs, equipment, supplies and space. Collaborate with and support the Principals’
leadership in providing strategic direction of the organization. The Business Manager,
with guidance and approval from Principals or Managing Partner, acts as a facilitator for
development, implementation and monitoring of all policies and procedures.
A. Supervision
1. Oversee administrative supervisors in planning, organizing, selecting and
coordinating personnel; training, safety and labor relation activities for both
practice sites, while maintaining compliance with state and federal employment
laws. Develop wage and salary compensation and benefits plans to keep pace
with the local market, employee appraisal and evaluation, and work-force policies
and procedures. Facilitate staff development, education, training and team
2. Assist in the advertising, recruitment and interviewing of new personnel including
medical providers. Establish employee relations and conflict resolution programs,
hiring, disciplinary and termination procedures. Oversee scheduling, staffing
analysis and manpower utilization. Ensure that confidential personnel and payroll
files are maintained. Ensure compliance with all state and federal labor laws.
Update and revise employee handbook as needed and ensure compliance by
3. Ensure that patient and employee rights are upheld and that government-mandated
policies are enforced. Oversee and enforce patient, personnel and organizational
security and confidentiality policies. Assist in developing and implementing
patient satisfaction measures. Oversee the reporting and resolution of patient
complaints, incidents and transfers.
4. Promote physician understanding and acceptance of good business management
skills and philosophies. Promote ethical standards for individual and
organizational behavior and decision-making.
B. Operations
1. Oversee and control the purchasing, procurement and inventory of supplies,
services, furniture and equipment. Interact and negotiate with vendors to ensure
the best quality, cost and service. Maintain participation in GPO programs.
Attend the appropriate GPO committee meetings.
2. Work with insurance broker, practice accountant and Principals to obtain
employee benefits such as health/dental coverage, life insurance etc. at the lowest
cost and the best coverage for employees.
3. Manage facilities in regard to space rental, planning and utilization, repairs,
renovations and capital improvements, communication systems, insurance
coverage, housekeeping, maintenance, safety and security and OSHA
4. Oversee or prepare all materials for staff and facility licensure, credentialing and
recertification often in conjunction with credentialing agencies. Ensure adequate
liability insurance for staff and facilities.
5. Assist in developing patient flow processes, policies and procedures for patient
registration; patient forms, medical records, billing and collection and reporting
of statistical data for regulatory and internal purposes.
6. Act as a resource to staff for problem resolution. Represent the practice and
function as a liaison with landlords, banking, accounting, legal, and all other third
party business contacts.
7. Assist in feasibility studies and establishing new programs, methods and ancillary
services and satellite offices to enhance and increase patient and physician
satisfaction, meet patient demand and practice revenue goals.
8. Prepare Principals meeting agenda and take minutes at Principals board meetings
for inclusion in yearly meeting file.
9. Coordinate and conduct weekly supervisory meetings.
10. Communicate via email or in person to staff regarding all news relevant to
11. Conduct employee focus group as needed, to obtain suggestions by staff for cost
savings and revenue producing ideas. Informally and formally assess employee
morale. Report finding to Principals and other supervisors.
12. Keep abreast of state and national trends and policies by interacting and
communicating with other practice managers and disseminating pertinent facts to
Principals. Attend local, state and national conferences to keep up to date on
medical practice information and for continuing education.
C. Financial Management
1. Prepare, manage and analyze financial reports. Maintain financial control and
reporting systems. Oversee bank accounts and financial reconciliation. Conduct
budget variance review and cost center analysis. Prepare and oversee cash flow,
profit/loss statements, cost analysis and statistical reports and trends in and
outside the practice. Ensure cash is deposited in the bank.
2. Oversee accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, journal entries,
payroll, tax filings and 401 K and profit sharing plan. This is done in conjunction
with the practice CPA, legal counsel and 401(k) plan third party administrator.
3. Oversee insurance charge entry, reimbursement, and fee schedules, delinquent
accounts, coding and documentation and third party payor contracts. This is done
in conjunction with the billing supervisor.
4. Oversee cost effective ordering of medical, clerical and other supplies.
5. Oversee compliance with tax laws and filing procedures. Assist in reporting
external audits and year-end corporate return as needed with practice accountant.
6. Oversee data base automation, management and maintenance. Ensure proper
computer software and hardware for information, computing and performance
reporting. This is done in conjunction with the office manager.
Planning and Marketing
1. Develop advertising copy and design for marketing and promoting new
physicians, offices or the practice. Ensure practice and physician placement in
phone and other directories. Coordinate media requests to ensure promotion of the
practice or provider.
2. Coordinate seminars in conjunction with outside facilities or businesses.
3. Assist in developing and implementing short term and long range strategic plans.
Assess demand for services and implement plans to increase market demand.
4. Develop and implement community outreach, public relations and customer
relations programs.
5. Pursue and establish partnerships and strategic alliances.
6. Assist in keeping practice website up to date with relevant information, articles
and news.
A. Responsible for carrying out the request(s) of Principals; good public relations;
protection of confidential data; economic use of time, equipment, supplies; safety and
welfare of patients and employees.
B. Knowledge
Maintain a current knowledge of community-based, commercial and government
insurance plans.
Knowledge of basic accounting principles that allows for the preparation and
management of an operating and capital budget, cash flow, income statement and
Balance sheet.
Working knowledge of computer software and hardware and accounting packages.
Experience with PC’s including Windows, Excel and Microsoft Word programs and
Paychex e-services.
Must know the principles and practices of business/medical administration and
accounting, billing methods and laws governing charges and reimbursement,
private practice policies and procedures, inter-and intra-practice/facility
communications and supervision and management techniques.
C. Skills
Must be able to apply the theories of business/medical administration,
and accounting; have the ability and motivation to exercise required management
and supervisory skills.
Must excel in both written and verbal communications and conduct self in a
professional manner before others. Exhibit intelligence, tact and integrity in all
interpersonal interactions.
Must be able to instill confidence, think clearly and make sound and appropriate
judgments, adapt and are flexible in a changing environment and exhibit fairness
and consistency in actions and decisions.
A. Education and Training- Minimum of a bachelor’s degree in business, accounting ,
healthcare management and/or human resource management. Critical thinking and
problem solving skills plus a systematic approach to problem solving and decision
B. Experience- A minimum of several years’ prior experience managing a private
practice or other medically related facility or medium sized busienss. Ability to
engage in public contact work and public speaking. Prior experience dealing with
health care professionals highly desirable.
Physical Demands:Ability to
work extended hours; drive to different offices and bank and
prolonged sitting and computer use. Ability to lift at least 10 pounds.
Working Environment: Work
Equipment Operation: Standard office equipment including computers, fax macines, copiers, printers
telephones, etc.
Maintain patient and staff confidentiality. Conducts work in a team oriented
fashion. Treats all individuals in the practice and those visiting in a respectful and
professional manner. Promote honest, quality and fair services.
is normally performed in a typical interior office setting with
moderate noise level. Exposure to usual medical office hazards and diseases.
REVISED December, 2014
Position to start: April 1, 2015
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Business Manager
Greater Rochester Orthopaedics, P.C.
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Rochester, NY 14625-2658.