TimeOut Services, Inc

Job Description
Assistant Site Manager
Full-Time, Salaried Exempt
Effective Date:
The Assistant Site Manager is responsible for overseeing the corporate fitness center/s, staff, operations, financial
reporting and programs/services for the Client Company’s employees while exercising good judgment in providing
excellent programs and customer service to our members. The Assistant Site Manager assists their supervisor and
acts as the primary liaison between the staff, Management Company and Site Manager. The position requires the
Assistant Site Manager to independently think and creatively control the development, implementation and
evaluation of ongoing innovative programming and find creative ways to welcome our new fitness center members.
The Assistant Site Manager will oversee the day-to-day operations, work closely with other staff, fitness center
members, vendors, and independent contractors, and is required to submit weekly reports to their supervisor. The
Assistant Site Manager is responsible for ensuring quality control and working with their supervisor and other key
contacts to ensure that Management Company is providing the best possible service to the Client Company and its
employees. The Assistant Site Manager works both independently and effectively with customers and other staff to
achieve and maintain the excellence standards set forth by Management Company.
Job Components
Oversee the supervision of the corporate fitness center/s, operations and programs.
Develop and present monthly membership, participation and financial information.
Provide Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Report Information for Site. Analyze and report statistical and
quantitative information on the programs.
Oversee the forecasting of realistic budgets for upcoming programs on a quarterly basis. Manage an accurate
budget for current programs.
Accurately manage program supplies, inventory, deposit, and credit card procedures.
Submit weekly facility, program and team goals status reports to the Corporate Accounts Manager.
Oversee staff training, and development. Develop and maintain team goals and initiatives
Oversee the development and implementation of programs for the client company’s employees: including
researching the topic area, benchmarking with other sites, interviewing potential staff/instructors, creating
advertisements (mass emails, fliers, web pages, HQ newsletter articles, bulletin boards), forecasting budgets,
setting participation/financial goals, assign task/train co-workers if needed, scheduling conference rooms and
equipment, setting prices, negotiating wages, establishing contracts, on-line registration
development/implementation, web page updating, sending/responding to mass emails, overseeing flier
production/distribution process, emailing reminders to registered participants, oral/written communication with
hired staff/instructors.
Oversee the evaluation of the programs offered: including on-line survey development, web page updating,
emailing participants, responding to surveys, compiling survey results, analyze and report statistical and
quantitative information weekly, completing program/budget recap reports, submitting payment for hired
Accurately develop and present end of program reports monthly on all financial and participation operations.
Ensure quality control and work with any supervisors and other key contacts to ensure that the best possible
service is provided.
Oversee and perform facility and equipment maintenance processes. Perform weekly inspects on both facilities.
Monitor the preventative maintenance performed by preventative maintenance company. Oversee overall
general facility appearance – bulletin boards, display cabinet, aerobics room, magazine area, closets, walls, etc.
Display a high sense of pride in work.
Job Requirements
College degree in Corporate Wellness, Kinesiology, or related field
2-3 years experience in corporate or commercial wellness program.
2-3 years management experience
Professional certification (ACSM, ACE, or similar)
CPR and First Aid Certification
Excellent written and verbal communication skills and organizational skills.
Proven ability to provide high quality customer service.
Proficiency with industry standard word processing, spreadsheet, database, graphics, and presentation
Ability to multi-task, works independently and with a team, and performs detail-oriented functions.
Professional and enthusiastic attitude. Ability to problem-solve, and make key decisions.
Professional and enthusiastic attitude
Team leader/player
This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive. It is understood that the employee will also perform
reasonable, related duties if requested by immediate supervisor or other management staff.
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