Define Mayflower Compact.
Define Thomas Paine’s Common Sense.
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
Define and identify unalienable rights/natural rights.
What were the 2 systems of government (constitutions) in America?
What were the main recommendations in Washington’s Farewell Address?
Define Great Compromise.
Define Monroe Doctrine.
Define textile manufacturing.
Define Abolitionist.
Define 13th, 14th and 15th Amendment.
What was the decision in Plessy v. Ferguson?
Define Homestead Act.
Define Populist Party?
Why did Populists want free coinage of silver?
Define Sherman Anti-Trust Act.
Define Gilded Age.
Define Pendleton Act.
Who was Jane Addams and what was the purpose of Settlement Houses?
Name 3 Progressive Presidents.
List the goals/beliefs of Progressives.
What were W.E.B. Du Bois beliefs?
Define initiative, referendum and recall.
Why did Wilson establish Federal Reserve System?
Define Yellow Journalism.
When was the Spanish American War?
What was gained in the Spanish American War?
Define Open Door Policy.
Define Josiah Strong.
Define Alfred Thayer Mahan.
Define Roosevelt Corollary.
Explain Teddy Roosevelt’s Foreign Policy.
What is propaganda and when it is mainly used?
Define Lusitania.
Define Unrestricted Submarine Warfare.
Define Zimmermann Telegram.
How did General Pershing effect World War I?
List new technologies/weapons used in World War I.
Why did trench warfare develop in Europe?
Explain the American Expeditionary Force and how they effected World War I?
Define Schenck v. United States. What was the outcome?
Define Espionage Act.
What happened to the Treaty of Versailles in America?
What happened to Germany in the Treaty of Versailles? How was Germany punished?
Differentiate between the Irreconcilables and Internationalists.
When was the radio popular?
Define speakeasies.
Explain the effects of Prohibition.
Why was there a Red Scare in the 1920s?
What was the Harlem Renaissance?
When did the stock market crash?
What were the major causes of the Great Depression?
What was the Bonus Army March?
Define Smoot-Hawley Tariff.
What was the New Deal?
Define SEC, FDIC and Social Security Act.
Explain the Dust Bowl.
What event ended the Great Depression?
Define Civilian Conservation Corporation.
Define Tennessee Valley Authority.