The End of World War I

The Impact of The Treaty of Versailles
You will see a series of five original photographs from World
War I. For each photograph quick write your reaction.
 Allied Powers: Britain- 1.1 million
France- 1.3 million
Russia- 2 million
 Central Powers: Germany- 2 million
Austria-Hungary-1 million
Total Military Deaths: 10 million
Overall Death Totals: 16 million
What were the major provisions of the Treaty of Versailles?
What potential problems do you foresee with the peace treaty?
 The Big Three: France,
U.S. Great Britain meet
at Versailles, France to
decide on the post-WWI
 Great Britain and France
want to punish Germany
while Woodrow Wilson
wants to help rebuild the
defeated nations
 Germany losses Alsace-Lorraine and the west bank of
the Rhine River to France
Germany surrenders all overseas colonies
Russia loses major territory on their western border.
New nations are created: Finland, Poland, Estonia,
Lithuania, Austria, Hungary, Turkey, and some others.
The Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empires are
The Middle Eastern territories formally under control
of the Ottomans are put under control of the British
and French.
 Germany takes solo responsibility for war found in the
“war guilt” clause
 Germany forced to pay overly high reparations of $33
billion dollars by Britain and France as pay-back
 Limits set in size of German army
 Germany can not import or make weapons or war
 Germany can not build or buy submarines or have an
air force
 International peace organization of 32 countries
 Germany and Russia exclude
 Woodrow Wilson (president of the United States
during World War I) insisted the League of Nations be
included in treaty
 League of Nations was meant to help prevent another
world war