Chapter 21-World War I Please study your Powerpoint slides!

Chapter 21-World War I
Please study your Powerpoint slides!
The format of this exam will be:
 Multiple Choice
 Document Based Questions
 Short Answer Questions
To do well on this exam, you must study:
 Your Power point slides and question sheets
 Your structured class notes
To do well on this exam, you must be able to understand and explain:
 What is nationalism and imperialism?
 What was the Triple Alliance?
 Why did Austria-Hungary declare war? What was this war called?
 Which countries became the Allied Powers and Central Powers?
 Which countries remained neutral in the war?
 What is trench warfare?
 What did President Woodrow Wilson call for all Americans to do?
 What is propaganda?
 What is a U-boat?
 What happened to the Lusitania?
 What is a warmonger?
 What is submarine warfare?
 What was the Zimmermann Telegram?
 Why did the Russians pull out of the war?
 What were the Selective Service Act and the military draft?
 How did W.E.B. Du Bois feel about the war?
 Define the terms, illiterate and bureaucracy.
Extra Help:
 What were Liberty Bonds?
 After school
 What is a pacifist?
Thursday and
 What was the Communist Revolution?
 What was General John Pershing’s role in the war?
 Who were the Harlem Hell Fighters?
 What happened at the Battle of Belleau Wood?
 Define the terms, armistice and abdicate.
 What kind of government was set up in Germany after the German emperor resigned?
 What is an epidemic?
 What was President Wilson’s Fourteen Points?
 Define the term, reparations.
 What was the Treaty of Versailles? What countries did this treaty create?
 Did the United States join the League of Nations?
Good Luck!