world war 1 test questions

World War 1 Test
Please answer at least 15 of the following questions. Please make sure that you
use complete sentences, unless you are asked to list. You will not receive credit
for answers that are not complete. When saving this test, please save it as
WW1-”your first name”. Thank you
List 4 progressive reform issues from the early 1900ʼs.
List 4 “Allied” countries
List 4 “Central Power” countries
List 4 new weapons used during World War 1.
How do Wars affect technology in our culture?
What conditions in Europe led to the start of the first World War?
Where were the Western and Eastern fronts?
Why did fighting / battles take place on continents other than Europe?
Why had President Woodrow Wilson not originally wanted to enter the
war in Europe?
Why did America enter the war?
Describe life in the trenches.
Describe post traumatic stress disorder as it connects with World War
What was the Zimmerman Note?
List 4 ways that Americanʼs Civil Liberties were compromised during the
Summarize the Spanish Flu Epidemic of 1918.
What role did propaganda play in World War One?
What was the role of animals in World War One?
What is the connection between World War One and the Dust Bowl?
Describe what you know about Adolph Hitlerʼs involvement in World War
Why did the Allies win the War?
List 4 terms of the Treaty of Versailles.
Why was the Palace of Versailles used for the peace “negotiations”?
How did the Treaty of Versailles, lead to the second World War?
How did the War help change the role of women in America?
Compare America in 1918 and in 2011, politically.