AP US History

AP US History
Goal 8~ Chapter 22
1. NOTE: The FOUR long term causes of WWI or the Great War were:
a. Militarism
b. Alliance system
c. Imperialism
d. Nationalism
Define these four terms.
2. Describe the Central Powers
3. Describe the Allies
4. What was the “spark” that started WWI?
5. What was the US’s position at the beginning of the war
6. What was Wilson’s 1916 campaign slogan?
7. What was the unique weapon that the Germans developed?
8. What was the Zimmerman note?
9. What eventually leads the US into the Great War?
10. What side does the US fight on?
11. What was the CPI, and who led it?
12. Who were the “Four Minute Men?”
13. What was the Selective Service Act?
14. Describe the training the new recruits went through.
15. What was the experience of the African American troops? What
country did most of them fight with?
16. Who was the leader of the American Expeditionary Forces? What was
their nickname?
17. What was the goal of the War Industries Board? Who led it?
18. How did the US pay for the war?
19. What was the Espionage Act?
20. Describe the flu epidemic of 1918.
21. What was Schenck v. US?
22. What was Debs. v. US?
23. Describe the Great Migration. What does this say about life in the
South for African Americans?
24. Define: NAACP BIG FOUR
25. Why do some people say the Treaty of Versailles led to WWII?
26. Describe the Russian Revolution. Who were the Bolsheviks?
27. Why was the Revolution frightening to the US?