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World War I Study Guide, chapter 16
1. What were the four causes of World War I?
Who was for and who was against Serbia, and how was this a problem?
What event triggered the beginning of World War I?
What was America’s initial stance on World War I?
Why did some people favor the Central Powers?
What did Germany use to get around British blockades?
What was the Lusitania, and what happened to it?
What was the Sussex Pledge?
How did the Zimmermann Telegram cause the United States to enter World War
10. What famous quote did Wilson use to convince Congress to declare war?
11. What was the purpose of the War Industries Board?
12. What was the purpose of victory gardens?
13. What was the purpose of the National War Labor Board?
14. Who worked in factories in World War I, and why?
15. What was the Great Migration? Explain who was migrating and for what reasons?
16. How did the United States use propaganda to “sell” the war?
What did the Espionage Act do?
What did the Sedition Act do, and why was it
What happened in Schenck vs. United States?
What did the Selective Service Act do?
21. What was the role of women in the military?
22. Describe conditions in trench warfare.
23. What is no-man’s-land?
24. What caused Germany to win on the Eastern Front?
25. What happened on the Western Front as a result of the Russian Revolution
(concerning Germany)?
26. How was America able to safely transport troops to Europe?
27. What stopped the German advance on Paris in 1918?
28. What is an armistice?
29. What was the Treaty of Versailles?
30. What was the purpose of Wilson’s Fourteen Points?
31. What was the War Guilt Clause, who was blamed for the war?
32. What did the Treaty of Versailles do concerning new borders to countries?
33. Which part of the Fourteen Points was adopted in the Treaty of Versailles?
34. What was the League of Nations, and who rejected membership in it?
35. What happened in the Boston Police Strike?
36. What caused race riots in cities?
37. Describe the events of the Red Scare.
38. What were the Palmer Raids, and why were they controversial?
39. Who won the Election of 1920, and why was it significant?