study guide ancient egypt

Ancient Egypt Study Guide
1. Know all vocabulary words, you made Quizlet study sheet over a week ago for
2. What was the location and physical features of Egypt, including the location of
the natural barriers in the north, south, east, and west.?
3. Explain the naming behind Upper and Lower Egypt?
4. What was the purpose of the pyramids, mummification, and the afterlife?
5. What is the Ka?
6. What is the social structure of Egypt?
7. What role did the Pharaoh play?
8. What were the two types of slaves and what role did the slaves play in Egypt?
9. Identify the following people/term and tell why they are important.
· Khufu
· Hyksos invasion
· Ahmose
· King Tut
· Queen Hatshepsut
· Ramses the Great
10. What is papyrus?
11. What is Hieroglyphics?
12. How did Egyptian writing influence the writing of today?