Egypt Project – Oral Presentation

Egypt Project – Oral Presentation
For this project you will be creating a oral presentation for the class that discusses
facts about Ancient Egypt Your presentation will display your research in three areas:
geography, religion, daily life. You will also be allowed to have five 3X 5 index cards of
notes to help you present.
Due Dates/Deadlines
 A-Day – Wednesday, November 29th
 B-Day – Thursday, November 30th
The rest of the project will need to be completed for homework. If you have any
questions about the project you should see me before the due date. Do not come to me on
the due date saying you did not understand.
Your presentation must include:
1. at least one visual
2. be 5-10 minutes in length
3. include facts about all areas of research
4. allow for question and answer period
5. be accurate in all information
Scoring Rubric
Neat, well organized and articulate
All information on geography is accurate and complete
All information on religion is accurate and complete
All information on daily life is accurate and complete
Answers all questions accurately and completely
____/ 20
____/ 20
____/ 20
____/ 20
____/ 20
____/ 100