Chapter 4 Section 3 Old and New Kingdom

You are an official serving Queen
Hatshepsut of Egypt. You admire her, but
some people think that a woman should
not rule. She calls herself king, & she
dresses like a pharaoh – even wearing a
false beard. That was your idea! You wish
you could help more.
What could Hatshepsut do to show her authority?
 Please open your textbook to page 97, please
read the biography on Queen Hatshepsut and
answer the analyze question below the reading.
 Now please turn to page 99 and answer the
question at the bottom of the page titled
Analyzing Visuals (about the Daily life in
 Big Idea: During the Middle & New Kingdoms,
order & greatness were restored in Egypt.
 Toward the end of Old Kingdom
 As wealth & power declined:
 Nobles challenged Pharaohs power (Chaos ensued)
 Trade disrupted, farming declined, hardships
 Period stabilized for a while by:
 Mentuhotep II
 Hyksos invaded & conquered Egypt
 200 yr. reign
 Brought the Horse, Chariot, & advanced weapons
 Ahmose drove out Hyksos ushering in New Kingdom
 Period of conquest that led to power & glory
 To prevent future invasions
 Egypt invaded Hyksos homeland (Syria) & conquered Kush
 Rival Kings sent gifts to keep Egypt from attack
 Conquest led to more open trade routes
 Hatshepsut: Increased trade from Red sea to Mediterranean
 Ramses the Great: expanded Kingdom, fought with Hittites
 Kingdom came to an end by invasion of the Sea Peoples & Hittites
 Please turn to page 101 in your textbook and
read about the biography of Ramses the Great
and answer these two questions below:
 1.) Why do you think Ramses built great
monuments all over Egypt?
 2.) What does the painting on the bottom of
page 101 tell about Egyptian Warfare during
the time of Ramses the Great (II)?
 What were two reasons the pharaohs’ power declined
at the end of the Old Kingdom?
 What weakened the New Kingdom?
 Vocabulary pg. 96 & Page 100 #1-3