Chapter 2 Test Review


C 2 Review – World History

N. Phillips

1. delta

2. pyramids

6. Dynastic cycle

7. Sargon

3. city-state 8. hieroglyphics

4. culture diffusion 9. monsoons

11. feudalism

5. subcontinent 10. Mummification

12. What was the purpose of a Sumerian Ziggurat?

13. Empire –

14. What was Hammarabi’s most enduring legacy

15. How many years was Egypt a united kingdom

16. Silt –

17. Who united the upper and lower kingdoms of Egypt

18. List and know the religious beliefs of the Egyptians

19. What 3 languages were found on the Rosetta Stone

20. What 3 mountain ranges separated India from the rest of Asia

21. Khyber Pass –

22. What was one of the most remarkable achievements of the Indus Valley people

23. What was unique about houses in Mohenjo-Daro

24. Religious artifacts in India reveals links to modern _____ culture.

25. Indus river people developed trade with distant people, who all did they make contact with?

26. List the natural barriers that separated China from all other civilizations

27. Loess -

28. What is the plain called that lies between the Huang He and the Chang Jiang rivers in China

29. The Shang capital, Anyang, was built with primarily what material

30. Who introduced the Chariot as a weapon of war

31. The Chinese thought they were the center of the universe, they referred to themselves as