A school day in Egypt

By the end of this lesson, you will be able
to:1 – Know the routine of the school day for
teachers and students in Egypt.
2 - Compare a school day in Egypt and in
During the assembly …….
1- Students do sports activity
2 – Students watch the morning
3 – Sometimes students listen to the
manager’s speech.
4 – All the students and teachers salute
the flag while listening to the national
5 – students get into classes in rows
exactly at 8:00 Am.
In two minutes……..
think , pair and share …
Find three differences
between this and your
own American school
What subjects do students have?
What subjects do students have?
They have Arabic, English, maths,
science, social studies ,religion, art,
music , PE and activity
How many classes do they have ?
How many classes do they have ?
•Students have 6 or 7 classes (periods)
a day
Some differences about the teaching schedule……
•The schedule is not fixed everyday.
• Teachers visit the classes and students
keep in place
•Students have a timetable and have all
their things in their bags
Science teachers have their own schedule to use science labs
What about exams !!!!!!!!!
Exams are prepared by the district according
to fixed specifications. They are done at school
and graded by the subject staff after the
exam day.
For grade 6 primary, grade 3 prep and grades
2 and 3 secondary it is all different.
…….. I will tell you
After school ……..
Students have to study hard in their
textbooks, do exercises in their activity books
and private books they buy. Sometimes they
have to prepare for the coming topics> they
use technology less than American and
European students
Questions and Answers
Thank you
Ayman Abdelkhalek