Who Am I Outline

Choose a person who has contributed positively to the world, United States, etc.
This person can be an author, a poet, a historical figure, a mathematician, a scientist, a political leader,etc.
Entertainers (actors, directors, singers) or sports figures are NOT acceptable topics.
Choosing your topic:
Choose a person from the list that is provided. This topic must be approved by me before the research
begins. Sign up early, since there is only one person per class.
Topic is due by ______________________
Rough Draft/Writing Folder:
You will receive a folder to keep all your research and rough drafts. You will be handing in this folder
daily. At the end of the project, your research notes and at least one rough draft will be collected.
You will be using the library to research the biographical information about the person. As you use
different sources, write down the book titles, websites and any other resources that you use. You will be
writing a bibliography for your project.
When using sources, it is important that you put all information into YOUR OWN WORDS. You are not
to copy exactly word-for-word from your sources. Take notes as you do your research. You will provide
clues about your person as you create your PowerPoint.
PowerPoint Presentation:
With this information you will create a PowerPoint presentation. Information may be bulleted, however,
you must write your facts in the 1st person. You will present your person to the class. You are going to
pretend that you are the person, without revealing your identity to the audience. On the next page you
will find a list of specific information required on each slide. Your last slide will say “Who Am I”
followed by the answer on the next slide. In addition, you should include graphics, various backgrounds
and slide transitions throughout your presentation. DO NOT INCLUDE A PICTURE OF YOUR
When you finish, print your presentation. Select handouts on the print screen, so that 6 slides print on
each page. Put this printout in your folder.
You will be including a list of books or sources that you used for your project. You must use at least
three different sources. You may use CD’s, the internet, encyclopedias, or regular books for your
research. Your sources should be varied; all your information CANNOT come from the internet. For the
proper format of your bibliography, enter the information into easybib.com.
Who Am I Outline
Below is an outline of how your PowerPoint presentation is to be organized. In addition,
some examples of information to research are included; however your research should not
be limited to these examples.
Slide #1: Title
o The title of your presentation is “Who Am I?”
o Include your name, date, and period
Slide #2 & 3: Biographical Information (at least 6 bullets)
The following are ONLY EXAMPLES!!! You may include these but are not limited to them.
o When was he/she born? Where did this person grow up?
o What was their childhood like?
o Did this person attend school? Where? What kind of school?
o What is this person’s family history? Siblings?
o Death?
Slide #4 & 5: Claim to Fame (at least 4 bullets)
The following are ONLY EXAMPLES!!!
o What type of writing (person’s specialty) does this person do? Other significant contributions.
o How has this person’s work affected society? Is this person popular with a certain age group?
Slide #6: Your Choice (at least 3 bullets)
o Share something different or interesting about your person. What else should we know?
Slide #7: Samples (at least 2)
o If a writer: include a small sample of writing from the author. This could be a poem or a
paragraph from a novel. Also, write the title of the poem or book, and when it was written.
o If an artist: include some pictures of his or her works
o Other: include a list of things this person did, a list of books he/she has written, the speeches
he/she has done, or anything else that is important.
Slide #8: Why Did You Choose This Person? (at least 2 bullets)
o Are they a role model? (Be specific & use support)
o Someone of particular interest to you? Why?
Slide #9: Ask the question “Who Am I?”
Slide #10: Photo
o Include a photo of your person
o Type the question “Who am I?”
Slide #11: Answer
Slide #12: Bibliography
o You must use at least three different sources
o See the proper format on the attached page