One Hundred Years of Solitude Presentation and Essay

All the Pretty Horses Essay
Draft Due: March 9th and March 11th
Final Essay: March 17th
In general, you will choose one of the topics below and write a 4-6 page paper (doublespaced) that explores that topic in detail. The paper should establish a clear, specific, strong
thesis and the organization should be cohesive and fluid.
You will need to do research for the paper and include a bibliography. You should have
a minimum of five sources. You should cite at least three of those sources in the paper. You can
consult general reference sources and list them in your bibliography, but you should not rely on
them. Use the MLA International Bibliography and The Literature Resource Center through the
University of Connecticut’s library homepage to find scholarly articles. Of course, you can use
the high school’s databases and resources, too.
Literary Interpretations:
In terms of a specific motif or symbol in the novel.
In terms of Postmodernism or Modernism
In terms of Medieval Romance (“Knights and Chivalry”)
In terms of Epics or Epic Traditions
In terms of the “Myth of the West”
Historical: In terms of Mexican-American History (1900-1949).
Theological: In terms of Biblical Allusions and/or Parable
Sociopolitical or Socioeconomic:
 In terms of Masculinity and Femininity in the Novel
 In terms of Politics/Political and Economics/Economic Commentary
Philosophical: In terms of the Humanist Tradition (Existentialism)