Biography Project: Computer Lab Directions

Biography Project: Computer Lab Directions
On your flash drive create a new folder AND title it
“Biography Project.” (This is the folder you will save
everything to.)
Create a Bibliography document for your images. Open
Microsoft Word and title it “Bibliography for Images.”
Then save this to the folder you just created on your
flash drive.
Find at least 3 images for your project.
a. Use the following links to start your search:
These are copyright free, but I am still requiring you to
copy and paste the web addresses to your bibliography:
These have restrictions, so make sure you paste the
addresses to your bibliography document:
Now search google images
IMPORTANT: Every time you find an image you want
to use, you MUST do 2 things:
 Save it to your folder (right click on the picture and
select save as, then save it to the folder you created
on your flash drive).
 Paste the web address for the picture to your
bibliography document (right click the address at the
top of the page and select copy, then go to your
bibliography document, right click, and select paste).
4. Search for an online source (article) for your famous person
(use google).