Each quarter I have learned something new in my senior English class

Austin Bailey
2nd Period
What I learned in the 3rd Quarter
Each quarter I have learned something new in my senior English class. During
the third quarter of this class, I have learned the importance of, and how write, a research
paper. I used to view this topic as very boring and of no value to me. I was wrong on
both counts. My opinion of research papers has changed because of this class.
College is right around the corner for me. I realize how just how essential my
knowledge of writing research papers is tied into the success I will achieve in my college
classes. It is vital for me to master this skill in order for me to achieve top grades in
I have learned the first skill in writing a research paper is gathering information.
This class has taught me how to find the information from the internet, magazines, and
other types of media. I understand how important it is to “tie” this information together
and form a paper. When I can do this right, I give my paper purpose and accountability.
It’s also important to give credit to the author or source from where the
information came from. I was taught how to write a bibliography. The information used
in my research paper must be properly credited. It’s interesting to note that if you claim
someone else’s writing as your own, you could be guilty of plagiarism. This is not good.
I was not thrilled when I learned we would be spending time learning the skill of
writing a good research paper. However, now as I look back on this quarter and the skills
I have acquired, I see the purpose.
This new talent and ability to write a good research has taught me how to learn
from research and to become a better person. It will also help me be a successful college
student. Thank-you Mr. Pitcher!
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