How to Use TritonLink

University of California, San Diego
How to Use TritonLink
1. Go to
2. Look at the middle of the screen at ‘Toolbox’
-Under ‘Enrollment Tools’, click ‘Full Schedule of Classes’
3. Select search term EXAMPLE: Winter Quarter 2013
If you cannot find a list of the courses for a future quarter, refer to the course list from
the previous year as a reference. Course lists do not change very much year to year.
4. On this screen you can search courses by: subject, department, code, section id, by
professor or course title. On the right side of the screen you can select courses based on
level such as: lower division, upper division and/or graduate.
5. Once you have made your selection of the below categories, click the ‘Search’ button
1. Quarter
2. Subject/Department
3. Level
EXAMPLE: If you searched for Winter Quarter 2013, ANTH-Anthropology, course # 1-99
and 100-198, your results would look like this:
On this screen, you will find a lot of information. If you click the underlined terms,
additional information will be provided.
If you click the title of the class ‘Human Origins’, a brief summary and
description of the class and all classes in Anthropology is provided.
If you click ‘Prerequisites’, a list of classes will be provided which is important
before selecting this class, as this knowledge is required prior to taking the course.
If you click ‘Resources’, a list of the required reading materials is provided.
If you click ‘Evaluations’ a summary of the evaluations of the professors
classroom performance is provided.