Second/Third Quarter Reflection

Psychology Field Study
Mid-Quarter Reflection for 2nd and 3rd quarter students
Name: ______________________________ Quarter: ____________________
Field Placement: _____________________ Field Supervisor: ________________
What have you learned about yourself, about the community? What do you see in a
new way?
How do you link learning to providing service to the community? To your academic
goals? Your career plans?
How is your work different this quarter than it has been in the past? Have you
acquired new skills? In what ways does being an intern set you apart or open up doors
for you?
What decisions have you and your faculty sponsor made regarding your academic
project? What will be the focus of the project? What is the due date?
Will you be continuing your field study for academic credit next quarter? _______
*Please return completed copy to the Psychology Field Study Office the end of the fifth week of the