Elementary Community Service Hours

Elementary Community Service
Name: ___________________________________ Quarter (please circle) 1
To promote goodwill with those around us, and to help students learn the value and
pleasure of serving God by serving others, St. Mary’s Catholic School asks that fourth
and fifth grade students provide service to our community.
Community service is a component of the Religion curriculum and will be considered a
part of the quarterly Religion grade. A variety of activities is expected, students should
perform at least three different types of service projects during the course of the year.
Students should perform 3 hours of service each quarter. Volunteer work needs to be
done without compensation. Additionally, the reflection paragraph must be
completed on the following page.
Examples of activities:
Visiting a nursing home, completing an arts-and-crafts project for the school or
community, participating in a clean-up campaign, performing housework or errands for
ill or elderly persons, helping with after school safety patrol (15 minutes each day), altar
serving (30 minutes for School Mass and 1 hour for a Weekend Mass), singing in the choir
at church.
On the page below, write about the service you performed. Describe what the service
was and comment on your thoughts and ideas about the experience. Tell why the
service was important. Be neat and use complete sentences. (If more than one activity
was done this quarter, student is asked to choose just one for the reflection.)
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