Preschool Policies

Preschool Policies
Sunday School/Extended Teaching Care
1. Children must be delivered and signed in to the appropriate preschool class by an adult.
At this time the child and parent/responsible adult will receive an identification tag. The
child will be released only to the adult with the corresponding tag. Other children should
not enter the nursery area.
2. Pagers will be issued to parents of all children under the age of two and to ALL visiting
children under the age of four.
3. Parents, please come for children immediately following services. Preschool rooms will
remain open no longer than fifteen (15) minutes after services end.
4. Please label all items your child brings into the nursery. (Diaper bag, coats and hats,
purses, Bibles, etc.) All children who are not dependably potty trained must bring diapers,
wipes, and a change of clothes each week.
5. Please do not let your child bring toys, candy, or gum from home, as this creates a
disturbance among other children.
6. Any special instructions regarding your child and his/her care should be written and given
to the worker in charge. All children under two will have an information sheet to be filled
out and attached to the child’s diaper bag each week regarding the child’s schedule and
needs while in our care. This should be done in Sunday School and/or ETC. These
sheets will be initialed by the ETC teacher at the start of the ETC session (even if they are
from SS) and signed upon completion each week by the same ETC Teacher to assure
parents that we are taking the best care of their child.
7. Students who are 14 years or older, if they have their parent’s permission, may serve as a
3rd ETC teacher with ages 2 and older, if there are 2 other adult teachers in the room.
Children (ages 6 to 14) of ETC teachers may only accompany their parents in ETC if it is
first cleared by their weekly coordinator.
8. A Background Check is required for every adult at SBC teaching those less than 18
years of age. This form is required by our insurance company and will be kept
9. It is important for the children and teachers that contagious bacterial or viral infections are
not spread throughout the class/church. If your child has a fever, cold, sore throat,
chesty/dry/hacky cough, or a runny nose with dark yellow or green mucus (even without a
fever), or any other contagious conditions such as chicken pox or conjunctivitis, please
keep him/her home. Your child must be fever–free for at least 24 hours before coming
into the nursery. Should your child become ill after arriving to ETC you will be contacted
immediately. Your cooperation with this matter will enable us to provide a safe and
healthy environment for everyone. Teachers have final discretion on children being
removed from the class for health considerations.
10. DISCIPLINE: Sunday School/ETC is an environment where the teacher’s job is to love
and support the children. Disciplinary measures may include gentle, verbal correction,
and redirection. If your child’s behavior is unacceptable, a teacher will bring your child to
you for the remainder of the session.
11. Teaching our children is considered a partnership, dependent on all these who bring
children to share in their care. Therefore, all parents/guardians/grandparents who are
using ETC or Sunday School ministries are required to participate by either teaching
Sunday School each week or ETC one Sunday per month. Once a child is participating in
ETC for 12 weeks, the signee will be asked to participate in serving in ETC unless they
are already teaching in Sunday School. Parents who choose not to participate in ETC or
have a family member/guardian/ adult designee serving in their stead will be asked to
take their child to worship.
12. We realize special circumstances sometimes occur, preventing people from serving in
ETC. If you find this to be the case, please contact one of the ETC Coordinators, so that
we may assist you in enlisting someone to serve in your place.
IT IS THE DESIRE OF OUR CHURCH to make our preschool as safe as possible and to
provide loving care for our children. Thank you for your cooperation in following SBC
Preschool Policies in order to ensure a positive experience for your child(ren), their
teachers, and you.
(rev 03/2012)