Creation Myth

Creation Myth
Writing Assignment
Final Draft due: ______________________________________________________
One inch margins
12 point, Times New Roman Font
Double Spaced
1 ½ to 2 pages
Turned into by the due date
You are going to write a creation myth taking everything you have learned about your
background and cultural heritage.
Your story must include the following:
 The physical creation of a geographic place that is known to you (the place you
 Support the ideas of the natural world (what type of animals, vegetation, etc…)
will you include?
 A social custom or monument landmark of your cultural heritage
 Must teach a lesson or guide people in the workings of the natural world
 Include descriptive imagery to help describe the setting
Some questions to consider before writing your myth?
 Who is your main character?
 What geographic features are relevant to my myth?
 What animals/people can I include?
 What cultural/social customs should I include?
The Story Spine
Directions: Use this as an outline for your creation myth.
The exposition/introduction
Once upon a time…
The rising action
But one day/but then…
The consequences
Because of that…
The climax
Until finally
The Resolution
Ever since then…
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