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1st Quarter Project
Creating Your Own Myth
For the first quarter project, you will be creating your own myth. Model it after those we have
read. First, create a new character; do you want to write about the exploits of a god? Goddess?
Perhaps a new hero? Then, create a new myth. What is the problem your new character must
face or overcome? What happens to him or her? Who helps? Hinders? How does it end?
Your myth must:
Be one of the traditional types (creation, explanation, love, fall, etc.) Decide this when
you create the character. It will help you develop the plot.
Your new character MUST have the proper qualities/characteristics. Refer to your notes
from the beginning of the year for the qualities/characteristics of gods/heroes.
Incorporate one or more of the classic Olympians.
If each of these criteria are not met, you will receive no higher than a “D” on this project.
There is no maximum length, but a good story will probably be a minimum of 4, typed, doublespaced pages in order properly encompass a decent, well-developed plot.
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