Our Myth:

Our Myth:
“Put your myth in here”
Our Background Info:
• We wanted to find out.... (you fill in what it is
that you wanted to find out here)
• See your Mythbuster Experiment sheet and
copy out what you put down.
Our Experiment
• In this space, describe what you planned out
for your experiment.
• Explain why you thought this was a good
• Make sure you list any safety concerns that
you had.
Our Hypothesis
• In this space, write down what you thought
would happen BEFORE you tried your
Our Observations
• In this space describe what happened when
you tried your experiment.
• Include pictures or videos.
• To link a video, your video file must be in the
same folder as your presentation.
Observations con’t...
• In this space describe the results of your
• Describe whether what happened was what
you predicted.
What we learned...
• In this space, provide a sentence or two
describing what you learned or describe what
you would do next time if your experiment
The End.