Reading Presentations
You will choose one of the categories provided to you. Create an outline of this myth. You
will need the following (5 marks per category):
 Knowledge & Understanding: A summary/outline of the myth
 Thinking: Significance: Why is this myth significant?; any other necessary
information that demonstrates an excellent thought process and understanding of
the text
 Application/Connections: how the myth connects with the binaries, archetypes
and literary criticisms we have discussed in class; any other connections you think
are important to the overall understanding and application of the text
 Communication: Include at least one discussion question. Are you facilitating
discussion? Are your thoughts organized in a coherent manner? Are you writing
with proper grammar/spelling, etc.?
You will need to create a handout for your fellow classmates. You may write in point form.
You will present this myth to the class. Presentations must be 12 minutes or less. Please do
not go over the time limit.
Depending on the weight of the reading presentation, it does not need to be an elaborate
presentation. This is a mini-presentation so it breaks up the reading, and you do not have
too much to read per day. In doing so, you will have the notes to four of the myths with
having to do minimal reading.
Each reading presentation will be 20 marks total.