Grading Rubric for Mythology Presentations

Grading Rubric for Mythology Presentations
Your group will deliver a 5-10 minute presentation to the class about the Greek god or goddess
that you have been researching. These aren’t your average, read the papers in front of the class
presentations, though. I’m asking that you present the information you’ve researched in a fun and
interesting way. A few suggestions are:
Develop a PowerPoint presentation to teach the class about your chosen subject.
Reenact key parts of the myth in a “dramatic” play (yep, you even get extra credit for
costumes and props).
Some sort of activity to get the class involved, such as a game, competition, etc.
Develop a handout, poster, or anything informative for the class to teach your myth.
Your group may choose any of the suggestions above or come up with your own idea for your 510 minutes in the spotlight. Whichever form you choose, your final grade on the project will be
based on the following criteria:
Your presentation tells significant information about your selected god or goddess such
as origin, importance in Greek mythology, personality traits, relation to other gods, and
origin of the myth if possible.
Each member of the group contributes to the final presentation to the class. This includes
each member of the group speaking or playing some part during the presentation.
A personal aspect to the presentation where you explain why you chose this god or
goddess and how you could relate any lessons from your myth to modern life.
Any questions can be answered by Mr. Potter, along with any tips or advice you may need for a
successful and fun presentation. We’re excited to learn from you!