Native American Myth Assignment

Native American Myth Assignment
English III
Using what you have learned about the Native American tribes that you researched, develop your
own myth. Include authentic sounding names and locations to add validity to the tale. You should
attempt to mimic the style and form (but not the content) of the myths read in class. You might
choose to explain creation or a natural occurrence like volcanoes or floods; your topic is completely
up to you. The tale must be a minimum of two typed pages.
2. Identify the following parts of speech in your myth. Mark each with a different color and provide a
key matching the color with the part of speech. Identify a minimum of twenty specific nouns, a
minimum of twenty verbs (at least 15 of them must be action verbs), a minimum of ten pronouns,
and a minimum of ten adjectives. This should help guide you into using effective and engaging
words throughout your story.
3. Sequence the events to complete a coherent plotline. Include a strong introduction and conclusion.
4. Myths should follow basic rules for grammar, usage, and mechanics. Any spelling errors will result
in points being deducted.
5. Develop and strengthen your writing as needed by planning, revising, editing and rewriting.
6. The overall appearance of your project must be neat and colorful. It should include an illustration on
the provided white paper that reflects the story and emphasizes the main points.