Creation Myth Powerpoint Task

Creation Myth Powerpoint Task.
Your task is to produce a
Powerpoint presentation for the
rest of the group, telling a Creation
Myth that you have researched on
the Internet.
Remember that a Myth is a story that is told to
answer an unanswerable question, and that for
many cultures, the beginning of the world, and
the creatures in it, was a mystery. You must find
a story that people used to explain where the
world came from.
You should use the Internet for research (you
will be given some good sites to look on), but you
must make sure that you re-tell the story in your
own words, and include lots of appropriate
pictures that go with the story.
You will be showing the Powerpoint
to the rest of your class, so make
sure that it tells the story really
clearly, and puts the ideas across