Name __________________________
Myth topic ____________________________________
In class, you signed up for a specific Greek myth (above). You are responsible for:
1. Researching that myth -use Mrs. Hanson’s books in her room, ask the librarians,
check on CREDIBLE sites on the internet (no Billy-Joe-Ray-Bob sites)
2. Make sure you keep all of the information you have found on the myth (you will
need to turn this in)
3. Read over the information COMPLETELY and be certain to understand it. If you
have questions, ask Mrs. Hanson, or look up words in the dictionary.
4. Myths were supposed to teach a lesson – either about how to live your life or to
explain something that wasn’t understood. Which does your myth do? Make
sure you know, and make sure you can explain the lesson (in detail) to the class.
5. Come up with a CREATIVE way to present your information to class. We do NOT
want you to stand up here and read a report to us (BORING!). You should not
have to read much because you know the story so well. Powerpoint, video,
posters, people dressed up, etc… are GREAT ideas for presenting.
6. Other students in class will be taking notes on your information, and the story of
these myths will show up on the unit exam, so make sure you help them by
doing a great job.
7. ALL PRESENTATIONS WILL BE DUE ON FRIDAY, May 9th!!!! (no exceptions) Mrs.
Hanson will choose the order of the presentations for each day after that.
8. This is a PROJECT GRADE (same as for a unit exam), so make sure you take the
time to do it correctly.
Presentation Grading Rubric
40 points: Accurately explain the main ideas of the myth that was chosen WITHOUT just
reading information
30 points: Explain the specific lesson the myth was designed to explain (either lesson on
life or to explain something that was not understood).
20 points: Present your information in a creative way (not distracting, but creative and
interesting to keep the audience’s attention)
10 points: Entire presentation turned in on time and ready to present when asked by