Rubric Origin Myth Group Presentations

Origin Myth Group Presentations - Rubric
Names _____________________________ Period _______ Date _______
Presentation/Poster (50 points total – 25/ELAWLRL3 & 25/ELA10LSV2):
ELAWLRL3.b Relates a literary work to the seminal ideas of the time and place in which it is set or the
time and place of its composition.
ELAWLRL5.b Uses knowledge of world mythologies to understand the meanings of new words.
ELA10LSV2.b Delivers oral responses to literature that incorporate the same elements found in written
literary analysis.
ELA10LSV2.c Uses props, visual aids, graphs, or electronic media to enhance the appeal and accuracy of
T.ELA10LSV3.15 The student creates and enhances presentations and documents using appropriate
elements and principles of design. (Examples might include repetition of a limited number of colors, fonts,
or patterns, continuity of placement of elements, inclusion of images and sounds, etc.)
_____ Answers all questions (20 points)
_____ Includes summary of myth (on a word document) (20 points)
_____ Neatly printed information and visually appealing (10 points)
Total _____