Oral Presentation

Oral Presentations
In order to share the outcomes of our projects, teams will prepare and deliver a ten minute talk to
the class at the end of the semester. These talks are not to be formal speeches; they are talks on
the outcome of your research project accompanied by a PowerPoint slide presentation. You may
visit http://www.center.iupui.edu/tutorials/powerpoint2000_basics.html for assistance.
Guidelines for Preparing your Talk. The content of your slides and your talk should define the
problem you investigated, describe the local situation, explain the methods you used to gather
information, summarize your findings, and present your recommendations.
Make your comments brief and to the point
Jot down a few notes on 3x5 cards or type up a brief outline in PowerPoint
Highlight key phrases and terms that you want to stress
Your team will need to decide how to distribute responsibility for creating the slides and
delivering the presentation; however, everyone should participate in both.
Please bring a hard copy of your PowerPoint slides for me on the day of your
presentation. You can print out six slides per page to save paper.
Evaluation. To evaluate your PowerPoint presentation, I will observe how well you:
Anticipated level of audience’s background knowledge of the topic
Introduced the topic well to arouse audience interest
Limited the talk to main points and findings
Arranged points logically and made connections among them
Used parallel phrasing on your slides
Used a consistent design for your slides
Avoided clichés, slang, and jargon
Avoided simply reading the slides to your audience
Maintained eye contact with audience
Designed clear, easy-to-read slides
Timed the transitions between slides effectively
Ran close to allotted time
You will receive a copy of the evaluation of your talk and may include it along with printouts of your slides in your project portfolio. To make your print-outs, select “Print,” then
select “handouts” under “Print what?” and choose six slides per page.
Our Oral Presentation is Scheduled for:__________________
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