Culture Assignment Presentations

Culture Assignment Presentations
Due: Tuesday, April 12
In your groups, you will be creating a presentational PowerPoint, which means it will be image
based, entertainment based, and speaker reliant. Before giving your presentation, make sure it
follows the requirements on the checklist below. For more information on these ideas, revisit the
reading links on “Presentations & Public Speaking” and “PowerPoint Tips.”
Presentation Skills (50 Points)
 Be energetic
 Motivate the audience
 Avoid excess wordage that bores the audience
 Know your material
 Expand on and discuss your ideas
 Speak with a clear and well-paced voice
 Maintain eye contact with the audience
 Avoid talking with your hands in your pockets, slouching, scratching, fidgeting, etc.
PowerPoint Design (50 Points)
 Do not mix media types
 Use images that expand on text and serve a purpose
 Use images that connect to your topic
 Avoid images that clash or detract from the message
 Align your bullets, text, and images consistently
 Use colors that complement each other
 Make sure your fonts are readable
 Use the same line spacing throughout
 Be consistent with font choices, sizes, and design
Content (Using Blooms Taxonomy) (50 Points)
 Speak about culture as it relates to technical and business writing
 Introduce your countries to situate the audience with them (Knowledge/Comprehension)
 Explain/give examples of similarities and differences of cultural issues (Application)
 Compare and contrast the cultures’ practices and values with those of the U.S. in terms of
technical/business writing (Analysis)
 Explain how to manage these differences when working with different cultures (Synthesis)
 Conclude your presentation by arguing, planning, or wrapping up (Evaluation).