AP Calculus BC sylabus

AP Calculus BC
Class Expectations (2015-2016)
Welcome to Calculus BC. I am looking forward to a productive year and I hope you are too. This will be a
busy year, but if you do your homework carefully, study diligently, you will be very successful and have an
enjoyable year.
Materials you should always bring to class:
 Your textbook
 A notebook dedicated entirely to this class.
TI N-Spire CAS Calculator
 An assignment sheet with all of the problem sets and their due dates will be assigned for each chapter.
These sheets are made to help you prepare for the assignments as well as the tests, but they are only a guide
and may be changed in class. There will be homework assigned nearly every night and should take
approximately 30 – 45 minutes to complete.
 Your homework will be used as a study aid for the quizzes, tests, and eventually the AP exam in May. It is
VERY IMPORTANT that you understand and have mastered each homework problem thoroughly for
knowledge of the concept and not for simply the completion of the problem.
 HOMEWORK - Students are responsible for the material that they missed and should refer to their
assignment sheets for the homework.
 TESTS AND QUIZZES – Students have 2 days to makeup tests and quizzes.
 If the absence is known of in advance, it is important to notify the teacher well in advance.
 Tests and quizzes will be handed back in a timely manner. We will go over the solutions to the
assessments, but if there are any further questions, I would be happy to go over the material outside of
 Quizzes will be handed back to students and they can be taken home to help prepare for upcoming tests.
Tests cannot leave the school with the students, but they will be kept on file so students can use them to
help prepare for the final exam and the AP test.
 Practice AP problems, quizzes, and tests are graded on a point system. Your grade will come from the total
points that you earned divided by the total points offered in the class.
 There will be a unit test following every chapter. There will be one or two quizzes in between each test.
This will come out to approximately one assessment every week.
AP Test/Learning Targets
 The curriculum and core learning targets for the course are defined by the College Board. The curriculum
in this course will provide the necessary information to be successful on the AP Test.
 Part of the second semester will be used to prepare you to take the AP test in May. On top of the
homework assigned in class, there will be review sessions and practice tests offered to give you the best
chance for success.
 If you choose to not take the AP test, you must participate in the preparation for the test.
Contact Information
 E-mail: [email protected]
 Phone: (224) 765-2238
 I am available to help students on most days at 7:30 a.m. but, whenever possible, please give me
advanced notice.
 I am also available in the Math office during periods 4th and 9th or after school. I will be in the Learning
Center during 7th period.
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