Class Rules and Proceedures

Monmouth Regional High School
Mr. Wardell’s History
Email: [email protected]
Classroom Rules:
1. RESPECT! Respect everyone at the school and in your
classroom whether it be a fellow student, faculty, or
visitor. Disrespect for anyone will not be tolerated!
2. Be part of the educational process.
a. Do not walk around class during instructional
b. Be on time for class.
c. Throwing Items (even into trash)
d. Have books, notebooks, and writing materials
are expected to be brought to class every day.
3. NO CELL PHONES! Cell phones are not permitted to
be used during class. Consider this your warning.
Phones will be confiscated.
Grading Policy
Homework/Classwork (20%)
Grading Weight
Test 35%
Quizzes 25%
Homework 20%
Class Participation 20%
You will need to obtain
a three-ring binder (at
least 1”) and create 5
Due dates are not merely suggestions. For everyday an assignment
is late 10 points will be deducted. After 5 class days a zero will be
given for the assignment.
Participation (20%)
All students are encouraged to be proactive in class. If at any
time you are unsure about a topic or assignment please feel free
to speak up, it is likely you are not alone. Every day you will be
given a question to answer as a DO NOW. All students will begin
the year with a 100 average. You will lose 1 point per day for the
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Being late to class
Being unprepared
Cutting class will result in a 10 point loss
Quizzes (25%)
Quizzes will normally be announced but I do reserved the right to present pop quizzes. Pop quizzes
are not meant to punish, but rather to encourage you to keep up on your readings as well as your
note taking.
Test/Projects (35%)
All test and projects will be announced in advance and study guides will be provided. If you are in
need of extra help I am available during periods 2, 3, and 10, but not after school unless by
appointment. Remember it is your responsibility to request extra help. If you are absent on a test
(or quiz) day it is your responsibility to make up the exam outside of class time.
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