Mr Clegg`s Classroom rules

Mr. Clegg’s Class Room Rules
I wish and hope that your time in my class is a time of learning, developing new skills,
and having fun. I have put in place some rules for you to learn and follow so you can
make appropriate choices which will allow you to be successful in my class and
hopefully make it a more enjoyable and safe environment for you.
1. Students will be on time to class. If you are not in the room at the time of the tardy
bell, you will be considered late. Consequences are: You will loose 15 points for each
tardy and you will be sent to detention, Friday school, or Saturday school with
repeated offenses.
2. All students will be expected to have your history notebook in class. There will be a
loss of 10 points per day if you do not have it with you.
3. No headgear. All hats, Scarves, and headbands will be confiscated and given to Mr.
4. All cell phones must be off during class time. If you choose to use it, it will be
confiscated and turned into the main office.
5. Late work can only be made up with an excused absence that was cleared through the
attendance office.
6. Students will not be allowed to use the phone during class time. If you have an
emergency, use the office phone or wait until the passing period.
7. No food or drink will be allowed in the classroom. There will be a loss of 15 point
from your daily grade for each infraction.
8. Respect all school property. Writing on school property or defacing it will cost you
100 points from your daily grades and the office will be notified of all damages so
they can establish a fine.
9. Any student missing less than two days for the semester will receive an additional
100 extra credit points added to their overall grade.
10. Any student with two or less tardies for the semester will receive an additional 100
points of extra credit.
11. All assignments must be turned in on time.