Olympic High School 2007-2008 AP Computer Science A, AB /Computer Science

Olympic High School 2007-2008
AP Computer Science A, AB /Computer Science
Mr. Nelson
E-Mail: chrisn@cksd.wednet.edu
Room : D-3
Phone: 360-662-2783
Web site : http://olhs.cksd.wednet.edu/staff/chrisn/
Course Units:
APCS A, AB Topics
 Objects and Classes
 Exceptions
 Data Types
 DeMorgan’s Law
 Input and Output
 Arrays
 Numerical Data
 Sorting
 Defining Classes
APCS AB Topics Only
 Methods
 Linked Lists
 If-Else Conditionals
 Sequential and Binary Searches
 While and For Loops
 Polymorphism
 Switch Statements
 Linked Lists
 Object References
 Trees
 Strings
 Stacks
 Inheritance
 Queues
 Recursion
 Hashing
 File Input and Output
Class Procedure: Roughly half of each unit will be spent learning through in-class lessons on the
topics and assessments, while the other half will be spent working on projects and lab activities
based on those lessons.
Big 6 Classroom Policies:
Respect others, their belongings and school
 Treat other members of the class as well
or better than you would like to be
 Please speak when it’s your turn and listen
when it’s someone else’s turn.
Focus your efforts and actions on learning.
 Be in your seat when the bell rings.
 Behave in a way that helps others to
 Always try—give your best effort.
Demonstrate personal responsibility.
 Bring all necessary materials with you
each day.
 Turn your work in on time.
 Have your work out and be ready to begin
when class starts.
Act with integrity.
 Cheating on tests or assignments will
result in a zero grade and referral.
 Evaluate your own work in an honest and
thoughtful way.
 Do the right thing!
Cooperate with peers and staff.
 Listen and follow directions.
 Don’t interfere with someone else’s right
to learn.
Contribute to a safe environment.
 Help everyone to feel as though they are
 Never put another person down.
 Know that it is o.k. to make mistakes.
 Do not make others uncomfortable by
your behavior.
Mathematics Department Shared Expectations for 2006-2007
There are to be no personal listening devices or cell phones in the classroom.
Electronic devices, such as game boys, calculator games, etc., are not allowed.
The wearing of hats, hoods, sunglasses or any such item is not acceptable in class.
Cards, dice, and other games are not allowed unless part of a class activity.
Students are responsible for getting their work in on time when they miss class.
USB Flash drives (“thumb drives, “memory sticks, “, “pen drives”): It is required that
you have a flash drive of at least 128 MB of memory for this class. These can be
purchased at any computer accessories store. You can generally get a 1 GB flash drive for
around $10 - $15. (If you can, try to read the details on the package and get one without
“U3“ installed, but it is not mandatory).
Grading: Your semester grade will be based on the following distribution:
Homework (warm-ups, worksheets, and lab activities) 70%
Assessments (quizzes, tests, final) 30%
grades will be as follows:
93% - 100%
90% - 92%
87% - 89%
83% - 86%
80% - 82%
77% - 79%
- 76%
- 72%
- 69%
- 66%
59% and below
***You must receive a 60% to receive credit.
Getting Help: There are many opportunities to get help in this class. Please seek help when you
feel you need it. I am available most days after school in my room (D-3). (An academic activity bus
is available on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays).
Tardy/Absence Policy: Will follow the school policy
1st Unexcused tardy = Warning
2nd Unexcused tardy = Detention with Mr. Nelson for 30 minutes and a call home.
3rd Unexcused tardy = 1 hour of Work Study and a call home.
4th Unexcused tardy = Administrative Referral
If you are more than 10 minutes late for class it is an Unexcused Absence (Truancy).
Please return this page ONLY to me.
Olympic High School 2007-2008
AP Computer Science/Computer Science
Mr. Nelson
E-mail: chrisn@cksd.wednet.edu
Phone: (360) 662-2783
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I have read the attached guidelines and I understand it:
Parent/guardian signature
Student signature
Please write here anything I should know about your son or daughter that will better help me
serve him/her this year.
If you wish to contact me via e-mail, please submit your e-mail address
here. I recommend this as a convenient form of communication. You
may also feel free to call me.
Although e-mail has become a valuable communication tool, it is important to remember that it is
not always a completely secure and confidential method of communications.
I grant permission for information regarding my student’s grades, behavior, and attendance to be
sent to me via e-mail, at the following e-mail address:
Parent/Guardian e-mail (please print clearly)