Welcome to Petal High School

Mrs. Lisa Amacker
Room 109
Introduction to Algebra
Algebra 1, Algebra 2
Please find the desk with your student information
form and begin filling it out immediately!
 Be on time
 Be prepared
 Be respectful
 Be honest
 Be doers
When you are absent, you MUST turn in an excuse
to Mrs. Wilkinson, the attendance clerk, within two
days of your absence or an unexcused absence will
be recorded. Only three parent excuses are allowed
per nine weeks.
Every unexcused absence will require that you
attend Saturday School, and you will receive a zero
for ALL work assigned on the day of the absence.
Assignments missed due to school-sponsored
activities should be completed before the absence
You will be assigned Saturday School for
every unexcused absence that you receive.
If you have an excused absence, the due date of
the work assigned will be extended by one day.
Any assignment made prior to your absence will
be due on the given date or upon your return.
It is your responsibility to get all make-up
You are considered tardy if you are not in the
classroom when the tardy bell begins to ring.
After two tardies in any class period, each
subsequent tardy will result in one day of ISS.
Homework is graded using Homework
* Homework is 20% of your class average.
Tests are given as needed. Dates are
indicated on your syllabus.
* Tests are 80% of your class average.
 A = 90-100
 B = 80-89
 C = 70-79
 D = 65-69
= below 65
To be exempt with limited absences
2 days for a year long class or
1 day for a semester class,
You must maintain an average of 75 or above
for the year.
Please see the student handbook for the
complete exemption policy.
At the beginning of each nine weeks you will
receive two classroom passes.
These passes can be used in two ways:
- Attach a pass to a test or homework quiz
for 5 bonus points.
- Present a class to leave the room—
restroom, library, retrieve forgotten
materials, etc.
Get help at the FIRST sign of trouble!
Don’t wait until it is too late!
3-ring binder
Loose-leaf paper/Graph paper
Subject Dividers
$5 Fee for workbook/calculator
Progress Reports
September 8
November 10
February 2
April 18
Report Cards
October 20
January 12
March 29
May 24 (by mail)
Grades may be accessed online
through Active Parent or Active Student.
PHS Open House:
August 22, 2011
Algebra 1 Subject Area Testing Dates:
 Fall – December 6, 2011
 Spring – May 2, 2012
Mathematics is not a
spectator sport -- you must
be an active participant
order to be successful!
Good Luck! Let’s have a great year!