Student/Parent Classroom Contract

Student/Parent Classroom Contract
Ms. Hoyos
Middle School math
Happy New Year!
school year.
I am anticipating a very successful and productive remainder of the
It is our goal here at Mater Grove Academy to provide your child with
safety, happiness, and an ample opportunity for learning.
this process is very important.
Your active participation in
The following is a list of classroom policies and
Please take some time to review these policies and discuss them with your
If you have any questions or concerns, kindly let me know, and I will try to
assist you. I can be reached at [email protected], and will always try to respond
within 48 hours. Thank you for your support.
1. I will be in my seat by the bell and prepared for class.
2. I will complete all assignments on time.
3. I will keep hands and feet to myself.
4. I will respect the opinions and views of the teacher and other students.
5. I will ask for help if needed.
6. I will not eat food, chew gum, or groom myself in class.
7. I will NEVER use my cellphone in the classroom.
8. I will always do my best!
1. Verbal Warning
2. Student/Teacher Conference
3. Detention
4. Parent/Teacher Contact
5. Referral to Administration
A = 100 - 90%
B =
89 - 80%
C =
79 - 70%
D =
69 - 60%
F =
59 - 0%
1 = Outstanding Effort
2 = Satisfactory Effort
3 = Insufficient Effort
*All assignments that are done in pen or are incomplete will automatically
receive at least a one letter grade deduction.
All students are required to keep a composition notebook (at least 100 pages), which
will be used for notes, vocabulary, and bell ringers.
grade every nine weeks.
This notebook will be taken for a
The student will be responsible for bringing this to class every
day, keeping it current, and organized (pages MUST NEVER be removed from this
composition book, loose leaf paper will be used for assignments that are collected). In
addition, the following supplies must be brought to class each day: 2 #2 pencils, loose
leaf paper, 1 highlighter, and 2 red pens. There will be random notebook checks
conducted weekly.
Detention slips can and will be administered to students by the teacher and/or other
staff members based on any violation of the school discipline plan.
All work is expected to be turned in on time. However, if your son/ daughter misses
school for any excused reason, upon his or her return he/ she will have to make up any
missed work. Make- up work should be completed in the same amount of time that is
missed. This is to say, if your son/ daughter misses class once, all work should be made
up the next class. If he/ she misses two days, work should be made up within two
days, etc. If the excused absence involves several days, schedules can be arranged to
make up the work.
Late work will not be accepted, unless accompanied with an excused absence.
Home learning will typically be assigned on a daily basis. Please ask your child and verify
their agenda so that you are aware of what home learning is expected nightly. Long
term assignments such as computer based programs, will be graded the day they are due
regardless of whether or not the student is present in class.
Regular notifications will be sent via the “Remind” system. Students and parents are
both advised to sign up using the provided instructions in order to receive class
information via text or e-mail. Also, please check the website regularly for links to
important information and helpful websites, as well as any new class announcements.
Sign and return this page and return it to Ms. Hoyos next class.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I have been given and explained the student contract for Ms. Hoyos’ Math class. I have
reviewed these rules and procedures with my parent/guardian.
I understand and agree
to all the terms.
Student Signature
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I (we) the parent/guardian have reviewed this contract with my child, and I (we)
understand and agree to all the
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