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Twiducate is a great resource that helps
teachers and students get in touch with
each other. A teacher can add all of her
students to create an online class and then
be able to let them know about homework,
upcoming assignments, projects, etc. It is
very much like Twitter but is used for more
educational purposes. All teachers need to
do is go online to and
create an account and then get started.
Twiducate is a good resource because it is easy,
free, and very useful. With Twiducate, teachers
and students can connect with each other all at
once. Also if you are sick, you will still be able to
get your homework done that night. Sometimes
teachers lose track of time during class and they
don’t have time to tell their students their
homework. Well with Twiducate they can just tell
their students to go on later to get their
Connect with students
and teachers.
Not only is it for
teachers but it is also
a fun way for students
to connect with each
Easy and FREE!
You can get it
anywhere you go
(phone, iTouch,
Get homework
upcoming projects,
To use Twiducate all you have to do is
follow these instructions:
- Go to the internet.
- Type in
- Look in the top right corner and press
sign up or, if you already have an
account click log in.
- Type in information and get started!
Why I would use Twiducate?
I would use Twiducate
because it is a great way for
students and teachers to
connect with each other. I think
it would be a great way to get
homework if you left your
notebook at school or forgot
when an assignment or project
is due. It also is a very easy
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