English 12: College Preparatory

English 12: College Preparatory
Class Information
Teacher: Mr. Campbell
Email Address: [email protected]
Materials you will need for this class: 1). A notebook. I recommend a three-ring
binder that you may divide into at least three sections. Your notebook must include the
following sections:
I. Class Notes: where you will keep class notes (including literary terms and their
definitions) and various completed exercises assigned in class or for homework.
II. Vocabulary: where you will maintain a list of vocabulary words and their
definitions. For the most part, vocabulary words will come from major reading
assignments and literary selections from the textbook.
III. Journal: where you will maintain an ongoing collection of journal entries assigned
in class. During each 6 weeks period, I will give you various journal entry assignments
based on topics relevant to the material we are studying. You may write whatever you
like about a particular topic. The only requirement for each journal entry is that you start
on the top line and fill the entire page (front side only for a 5 minute journal and both
sides for a 10 minute journal entry). I will check journals at the end of each 6 weeks.
The journal grade is the equivalent of one test grade.
2). Paper for your notebook and either a pen or a pencil. You may write in either blue
or black ink. Formal writing assignments must be written in ink.
Class Policies: While in my class, I expect you to follow a few simple rules:
1. Be on time for class - two seconds late for class is STILL late for class.
2. Bring appropriate materials to class.
3. Do not talk while the teacher is talking or while a student called upon by the teacher is
4. Be alert. Sleeping is not allowed.
5. Take care of rest room needs before or after class.
6. Do not throw anything in my classroom. This includes pens, pencils, books, and
unkind remarks.
7. Respect the property of others. If it isn’t yours, don’t touch it.
Detention: You will receive a minimum of 30 minutes detention for failing to adhere to
these polices or for any other infraction that I consider worthy of detention. If I give you
D-HALL, you must make up the time with me either before school or after school, and
you must tell me when you plan to make up the time. Do not assume that I will be
staying after school just because you MIGHT show up for detention.
Grades: Tests and major writing grades = ¾ of your 6 weeks grade
Homework and quizzes = ¼ of your six weeks grade
Major writing grades count TWICE.
Policy Regarding Late Assignments: In my class, there should be no late assignments.
If you are absent on the day a particular assignment is due, you should try to get the work
to me or contact me to let me know the work will be late. You may call the school and
leave a message or send me an email. Upon your return to school, you should turn in the
assignment ASAP and make sure the absence is excused.
Work turned in late without prior notification or excused absence will not be graded.
Some selections we will be reading this year:
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
Goodbye Mr. Chips by James Hilton
Excerpts from Beowulf and The Canterbury Tales
Macbeth by William Shakespeare
Writing assignments will include:
Personal essay, literary critique, journal writing, research project, creative writing, and