7th Grade Science Information


Mrs. Rowland’s 7


Grade Science Information

Welcome back! This information sheet is very important for students and their parents to review carefully for a safe and fun science experience. I’m looking forward to a great school year! Materials Needed for Class Everyday: Science Textbook Folder Pencil and Pen Notebook Homework that is due Science Notebook: Science notebooks are required for all students. Although it may seem a difficult task, you will find it very beneficial in the long run. Keeping materials organized in the notebook will help students be successful in learning the material and in studying for tests. Throughout the year notebooks will be checked for a grade. Classroom Expectations: 1. You must follow the school rules provided in your handbook. 2. All students need to be on time and in their seat when class begins. Failure to do so will result in a tardy. 3. Students need to raise their hand and wait to be acknowledged. 4. Students are expected to have all materials with them each day. 5. Follow all safety rules for lab. For your safety and the safety of others never touch equipment or materials in this room until told to do so by the teacher. 6. Students must wait to be dismissed by the teacher before leaving class. 7. Cheating of any form will NOT be tolerated. Any student caught cheating, or aiding someone to cheat will receive a zero on that work be it an assignment or test. The assignment or test can not be made up. Consequences for Breaking Rules: 1. Reminder of rules 2. Call to parent 3. Detention or removal from class 4. Student conference with teaching team 5. Conference with student, parent, and teaching team 6. Referral to office for further disciplinary action *Some offenses require immediate disciplinary action and steps may be skipped. Assignments and Absences:  There is an assignment section on the board for keeping track of assignments. Assignments are due on time. If a student chooses to turn in an assignment late he/she chooses to receive a zero on it.  If you are absent on the day an assignment is due, the work must be turned in the day you return. For each day you are absent you have that many days to turn in your missing work, or complete a make-up test. If it is an extended absence arrangements can be made depending on the circumstances communication is the key! 

You are responsible for all work missed on any day you are absent!! It is your responsibility to find out what you have missed by consulting Mrs. Rowland. Any

unexcused missing work will result in a zero for that assignment. Your Science Grade:  Grades in science class will be determined by scores on tests, quizzes, daily assignments, labs, and activities. Grades are figured on a total point basis. This makes it easier for you to figure your grade at all times. Therefore, you will never be surprised by your grade.  All students will be required to fill out their own “grade keeper.”  To figure your grade: 1. You must find the sum of your “points received” and the sum of “points possible” 2. Divide Total points received = % Total points possible  Extra Credit may or may not be offered and is left to teacher’s discretion.