Mobile learning pioneer (bronze) evidence If you are unable to

Mobile learning pioneer (bronze) evidence
If you are unable to provide a link to a blog post or ePortfolio item, please
complete, save and upload this file when applying for the mobile learning
pioneer (bronze) badge:
Provide a sentence or two in response to each question.
To what extent has your understanding of the subject(s) improved as a
result of the using the resources?
Did you find the iPad resources easy to use?
What did you find most useful and least useful about using the
What were the benefits and disadvantages of learning with the iPad?
Did using the apps make it easier to fit your learning into your work
and/or home routine?
Did using the iPad resources make your learning more interesting?
How have you applied what you learned in your workplace?
Did learning in the workplace make it easier to apply what you learned
to your practice?
Did you directly involve your line manager when you were working
through the resources?