Listening to MS Word Documents with iPad Notes

Listening to MS Word Documents with iPad “Notes”
Student’s can access MS Word documents to be read (text to speech)
* Does not work with Open Office documents. Save Open Office documents as a MS Word document or
Plain text file by:
 Select “Save as”
 Select the “Save in” folder
 Type in a File name
 Select Save as Type:
o Choose Word Document or Plain Text file
To access in Notes:
 Teacher emails an attachment to student
 Student opens the attachment
 To select the entire document, press and hold at the beginning of the text until “Copy” option is
 Select Copy (Copies to the iPad’s Pasterboard)
 Opens Notes
 Create a new note (click on the + in the top right corner of the note pad
 Click on the new note
 Select Paste
To access text to speech (speak selection):
 Select Settings
 Click on Accessibility
 Turn Speak Selection On
To read in Notes:
 Press and hold until the option bar comes up
 Chose to Select All or manipulate the capture window for a word, sentences, or sections
 Click on Speak to have read out loud
To input student responses in Notes:
 Tap on the document at the point to insert text
 Type into the document
To send responses to the teacher:
 Select the Send to icon (arrow out of box)
 Select Mail
 Mail to teacher’s Gmail account