IPad Basics for First Grade

IPad Basics for First Grade
Parts of an IPad
Earphone Jack
Volume control
Home Button
Camera Lens
Care of an IPad
Use two hands
Never leave alone the Floor
Keep in the middle of the desk
Keep water bottles far away
Always turn off
How Students Receive their What ifs…
iPad licensees
Can the student
You experience technical
-Turn on the iPad
difficulty? Put the device in the
-Adjust the volume
“technical difficulty spot” and get
-Attach headphones
a book.
-Close out an app
-Turn off the iPad
-Take a picture
Does the student understand the
iPad rules, what to do in case of a
technical difficulty and understand
a license can be revoked if he/she
is not staying on task on the iPad?
Get into something you don’t
think you should be in? Show the
**Below is a great video about
online safety.