iPod iPad Lesson Plan

Matt Hettwer
ED 421
iPod & iPad Lesson Plan
Grade Level
Middle School/High School
Content Area
Title of Lesson
Global Issues Exploration
Learning Goal
In this lesson the students will learn about current issues
going on around the world as well as expand their knowledge
of where on the globe different countries are.
Creativity and Innovation
Communication and Collaboration
Research and Information Fluency
Technology Operations and Concepts
Mobile Apps
The apps that the students will use for this lesson plan
1.New York Times (iPod or iPad)
2. Google Earth (iPad preferred)
3. Notepad (iPad)
The instructor will use the same apps listed above to
demonstrate how this lesson should be carried out.
Part 1: Students will pair up into groups of 2 for this
assignment. Each student will grab an iPod and one iPad for
each group. (2-3 minutes)
Part 2: Each student will search the New York times app on
their iPods to find a global issues in the news that is based
out of another country besides the United States that
interests them. (10-12 minutes)
Unit Outline
Part 3: After they decide as a group which current event to
cover they will get out the iPad with the Google Earth app
and find exactly where the event or news is happening on a
globe. (10-12 minutes)
Part 4: The students will use the Notepad app on the iPad
and write up the following assignment:
1. Headline of the article and short summary (2-3
2. What continent, country, state, province is the news
happening in.
3. What are the surrounding countries, states, provinces
4. What did you learn in this lesson that you did not know
before you came to class.